AFRICAN ART GALLERYoffering a collection of African animal art and crafts made by tribal Artists into only the finest stone sculpture, wood craft, and bronze castings. In our online gallery you'll find: wall plaques, pygmy primitive art beds, tables, busts, figures, African masks, walking canes, walking sticks, framed art, cow horn, full figure and animal sculptures, busts, wood carvings, carved ostrich eggs, log heads statues, bukota shrines etc.

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Animated Graphic Explanation: Front gate-way to Shakaland, a Zulu "hut-el" tourist stop that includes tribal activities such as Zulu beer making and drinking, spear throwing, high-kick singing and dancing with ample humor. The place located in South Africa, just outside of Durban. An African elephant skull hangs over the door way and three full sets of giant ivory tusks in all on top. The pillars were made of sticks bundled together and accented with a type of painted and hardened clay. The fire is an animated graphic effect modified from free downloads off of the Internet. The ivory shown on this page is real, however we do not sell ivory do to our strong
ethics regarding elephant conservation and strict anti-poaching laws and fines. Enjoy our high quality original art work selection!

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