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Carved Walking Stick & Cane Selection
Cane (or stick) with an elephant head carved into the handle with trunk raised forming a complete circle, along with large african elephant ears.Antique style Cheetah carved handle walking stick with white stripe (or cane) with a ninety degree bend design.Wooden cane (or stick) with a detailed giraffe animal head piece for a handle with distinct horns and skin patches.Spherical carved ball walking stick handle with various loops and African men fces made smooth all over the cane's surface.
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Slender ninety degree black handle walking cane with an African man's hairdo carved handle base.Perfectly round double loop handle cane with deep colored wood grain and African faces with a lot of symmetry along its length.Snake handle multi-part cane with encased floating ball above the carved hand at the base. There are free floating wood loops on the outside of the walking cane about midway down.
Carved animal walking stick(s) in hard African woods with interesting tribal & animal designs, handles come flat, round, animal, or with a ball head.
Cane Must have a comfortable handle, be weight bearing, have a rubber tip on the bottom, and be a suitable length for the user. Walking Stick covers almost any type of stick. More often used for country walks, walking a dog, exercise, balance, and style. Length should be about wrist height while standing, with some type of handle or knob so the hand can rest on top of the stick. A hiking staff is most often used for day hikes, backpacking, and trekking. Length is usually between elbow and shoulder height and is held on the side like picking up a long broom handle.
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