Importance of Customer Reviews in SEO

With the rise in trends, there are several types of technologies introduced that effectively produce better outcomes for your business as well as organizations. Another technique of enhancing your business reach is customer reviews. Customer’s feedback is quite important for a business to derive more customers. This article aims to provide relevant information about customer reviews & its importance

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Clients play an important role in the success of every organization. Due to these reasons, customer satisfaction organizations like the BBB approach that were formed to remain a trusted source of information for users today. The ancient customer-driven technique has worked for centuries.

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Following are the important factors that describe the Importance of Customer reviews For SEO:

Backlinks are better than reviews for SEO or not?

 It is an important fact that to derive any sort of business over the internet, adequate SEO is very crucial. Those who are familiar with the different SEO practices believed that backlinks are the better options for the betterment of the business.

It also played a significant role in the Keyword rankings in major search engine platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. In simple words, backlinks are just votes that are transferred from one website to the other. Moreover, if your website gets backlinks from a respected website, then search engine Google considers this as a vote. The major reason behind that is Google uses bots to collect the relevant information and distinguish between a good one or a bad one.

Buzz of Social media as a Ranking factor

Nowadays, social media has become an important factor in deriving new rankings in the rank list. It is the best method that describes any site effectively. It also includes the proper interaction of the user to the site. As a result, Facebook, Twitter and more importantly Google Plus all are the best-rated social media platforms.

Since social media is used for deriving or generating new internet traffic on your website. It makes a clear sense that Google also uses social media interaction as a ranking factor or signal. Search engines like Google effectively track the overall user’s behavior and also demonstrate if a user’s viewpoint about the website is good or bad. That is why Google is a supreme search engine because it completely relies on its reliable users.

Reviews are the New Backlinks 

Typically, a client review is very essential for almost any business. A client who has a well-established account with Google or the active accounts on social media can have an important impact on the overall ranking process. It has been proved that search engines evaluate rank factors and the customer’s reviews that are considered as the largest driving force behind any keyword rankings. A matter of fact is that fake backlinks get some sort of penalty by Google. If you are going to assist your reliable customers to leave reviews, make sure you are not going for fake paid or some reviews, then it may adversely impact your website as well as traffic in the future.

It is important to follow every guideline of Google’s policy.