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Tribal African Ebony Gallery Carvings
  African warrior wearing a waist cloth with a goatee holds two pointed spears, one at his side pointed up & the other pointed forward. Art carved woman figure with pointed breasts sitting on a four legged stool with hanging earlobes & a turtle on a pot for a hat. African ancestry family tree, with smaller figures surrounding the head of a single larger figure. African family tree wood carving showing several African figures atop on another wearing waist clothes & hats.
African ebony gallery of short statuettes, one with a spear, three with figures carved on all sides, the last with a turtle atop a pot on a woman's head.
This wood carving was hand crafted from ebony, an exceptionally hard and beautiful wood found only in the Sahara desert regions of Africa. Its exceptional density makes it not only very heavy, but also gives it an incomparable sheen when polished and rubbed clean. These works of art were crafted by master carvers of ebony wood. They use only simple hand tools to produce these incredible works of art. This piece will be noticed and complimented on by almost anyone.
Ebony normally is brown on the outside of the tree; and black on the inside. Each has its own special beauty. The inspiration of these works seems just as intangible. Through communion with ancestral spirits and dream life, the idea comes out of the wood, as if it was always in there.
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