African Art Work:
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Wall, Plaque, & Door African Art Crafts
African steel sickle in a framed art glass covered box. Flat panel African picture mask with woven edges showing a punu face painted white while wearing a helmet. Wood carved door for a small cabinet from malidomtgie tribe depicting two faces all with peaks for helmets on the right side and a figure wearing a cone helmet & arms raised above the head on the left. Wall plaque of a bearded African chief smoking a pipe surrounded by African people on the top and the bottom. Four level wood furniture animal plaque depicting: lion, rhino, cheetah, giraffe, buffalo, and elephant with a circular pattern on the third level. photo Elongated double headed python snake mask abstract wood carving painted white and red.
Framed African art craft sickle & mask as well as door, tribal & animal plaques, & tall python "mask". All wood pieces are intricately carved from a solid piece of wood.
The African artists who made these objects did not consciously seek to infuse them with these aesthetic qualities. Instead they had been carefully schooled from the time they were adolescents in the traditions and beliefs of their culture and then trained in their craft, often through long apprenticeships to master carvers. They therefore knew exactly and almost instinctively how to make their creations understandable and acceptable to those who would see and use them.
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